The Articles of Vandailia

The Articles of Vandailia
Written on March 3, 2019

Table of Contents: (By section)

  1. Introduction
  2. Our history
  3. Preliminary Status’s
  4. Liberation of the People*


Section 1: Introduction
Here written are the Articles of Vandailia. The document outlining the basis of the nation, core laws and concepts, and the foundation of Vandailia. All things written here shall be followed fully. No law, no bill, nothing can overpower the information written within this document. The only way to do anything that is not allowed in this document is to modify the Articles of Vandailia. How this may be done will be described in a section of the Articles of Vandailia.

Section 2: Our history
Before Vandailia there was CoalWood. On October. 14th of 2011, our first city was born. The ideas of CoalWood were found upon the dream of uniting builders under one city, and that all men and women are created equal. These ideas were held together under a blue and white banner. The city was small with a central town hall, a few simple roads, and land designated for our new builders, citizens. Roughly a month later in our history, there was a new city born. Her name was Coalwood II. This city had the same layout. But over time, we gathered more people in our city. This was the first successful city. It topped many people. It was the first time we used scripts and modernized. The city was roughly three times the size of Coalwood. That one successful city sparked the idea of our nation. Our idea was to free people to build independently from terrorism and government tyranny. This idea drove us to success. Thousands of builds were made under our country’s name. We’ve created more than fifty cities…

In their memory: CoalWood, CoalWood II, CoalWood III, CoalWood IV, Fairmont, Mannington, Clarksburg, Morgantown, Fairview, Northern Plains, Emerald Cove, Illution isles, Saxton, Rockaway, Monongah, WestBrook, SummerSide, Summersville, Syprus, Riverdale, Silver Shores, Berlin, Berlina, Kirtsch, Northern Shores, Framingham I, and Framingham II. But the most successful cities are: Shimmer Island, Shimmer City, New Shimmer, and Neu Shimmer. We’ve suffered and struggled through rough times to create a perfect state. Over the years we’ve acquired around one thousand members. Our nation fought many wars to keep our name highly held. Though Empires rise, and Empires fall. CoalWood fell around July of 2017. When Roblox removed terrain, Personal servers, and killed our moral.

Now, I give you a platform to create legacies and build great destinies. We must see ourselves as one. No matter your race, religion, or preferences, we are ALL free men and women of Vandailia. There is nothing that Vandailia cannot accomplish with our unity. We shall always strive for a better future and preserving our country and ideology. May Vandailia live forever. May it prosper and thrive. But I warn my people, if the Vandailians were to dissolve the country to reform and recreate it, then let it be known that this will clean the slate of our legacy and bring us back to where we started. The only success that can be made, shall be built upon this foundation.

– Velinux - Founder of Coalwood | Founder of Vandailia

Section 3: Preliminary Status’s

Preliminary Status I (Concerning Prisoners right to Vote)

All men and women who are active players of the server have the right to vote. It is necessary to ask what rights a prisoner has in a democracy. Prisoners are a part of the people. But would a man or woman who committed the crime to be worthy of choosing a candidate of our country’s leader? There is no easy answer to ensure total freedom. But to men or women who attempt to harm the country should have no power to vote.

However, after they serve their sentence they will have the right regranted.

Preliminary Status II (Modifying the Articles of Vandailia)

If the people vote to modify the Article of Vandailia. The Emperor and Deputy Emperor, or the combined agreeance of half of the members of the Empires Commission can call the vote unless that change would remove the people’s right to vote for some representation. After the approval of whoever called the vote ( the Emperor and Deputy Emperor, or the combined agreeance of half of the members of the Empires Commission) has given their approval, the change is passed. I warn the people voting against the standard moral values that Vandailia stands for. Vandailia shall always remain a safe haven for those who wish to escape corruption.

Preliminary Status III (Balance of Power)

I want to make it clear that this documents main idea is to serve the majority. The minority will not have more say in how this nation and server is running. There will always be the right for the Deputy Emperor and/or the Emperor to veto, but the combined agreeance of half the members of the Empires Commission can overpower the veto unless it was the Empire’s commission that proposed the change that is being vetoed.

If a change is being proposed by either the Emperor or the Deputy Emperor, the combined agreeance of the Empire’s Commission may veto the change.
I want to ensure a well balanced free market economy that supports the people. I believe the Vandailian workers are strong and determined people who will form a nation.

Preliminary Status IV (Modifying the Articles of Vandailia)

This document is a living and breathing document. Therefore the Emperor and Deputy Emperor of our great nation will have the right to change and edit this. If we fail to innovate with the changing of times then there will be no success of our people. We must change to remain free men and women.

Section 4: Liberation of the People

Article I

Vandailians may express and follow any religion. All religions will be respected. Their rights to form religious monuments and buildings will be respected. No one can create a religion that shall be forced into Vandailia. It is necessary to state this because we do not want people to use religion as a tool to strike harm. However, religions that are already official in the real world shall believe and practice religions. No one may kill another in the name of religion, or god. Most people who do this in my own cases online are not even really religious just there to cheat the system which is why it is necessary to create this article. No religious symbols shall be accepted on a government building and the government may not own a religious building. To anyone who claims to be “Triggered”, “Offended” shall not be relevant unless religion is forced on them seeing religious icon does not mean religion is being forced on anyone because too you the symbol is a false symbol. Simple as that. No one can change anything about the way people practice or act for their religion. Unless the religion is a fake created to break Vandailia laws.

Prayer in government meetings may be allowed as long as it is not forcing religion on someone. Simple, don’t like it? Then don’t pray but that doesn’t mean you can take the right of someone to practice their own religion and that is final.

Article II (Free Speech)

Free speech is open regardless of topic; As Long as no one is mentally strained, and or bullied. No member will tell another member to kill themselves. There shall not be bullying or harassment on our server. You may disagree with others, but you must disagree formally and rationally. We understand that bullying and harassment are open to interpretation but the Emperor and Deputy Emperor will choose what crosses the lines.

Article III (Sub governments of Vandailia)
All states are subgovernments of the Vandailian state. The Federal orders will always remain superior to the states. States may form their own laws and regulations with the approval from the Federal Government… The States of Vandailia may not form their own militaries. States may not sign declarations of war against other states or Federal Government.

Article IV (Election sites)

Elections must take place on a reliable site. Only voting sites approved by the Emperor will be put into effect. The Emperor or Deputy Emperor, or any other members approved to make a vote by the Emperor or Deputy Emperor, can use that site to make a vote, but it must follow the Articles of Vandailian’s rules. All Voters must give their username to the site. Anyone who is not on the recent active demographics is considered inactive therefore may not vote.

Article V

All members of the government are required to follow the Articles of Vandailia.

Article VI (Declaring War)

Only the Emperor and Deputy Emperor are allowed to declare war. The Empire’s Commission may propose the idea of declaring war to the Emperor or Deputy Emperor, but they can not declare war without the approval of the Emperor or Deputy Emperor

Article VII (Court System)

Each citizen of Vandailia has the right to ask for a trial. Trials must be fair. Every trial will have a Judge. A Judge may not decide the final result of a trial. A Judge’s only job is to host a trial and make sure everything runs smoothly. The only people that will decide the final result of a trial is the Jury. A Jury may consist of 3 to 7 people. Each witness is allowed to explain what they saw. After the trial has ended, the Jury shall be moved to a private area to discuss the result of the trial. The Jury will decide with a majority rule. For a civil trial, the Judge may decide the final result and a Jury is not required to decide the final result.

Article VIII

Ambassadors, in order to prevent corrupted ambassadors, all ambassadors must follow all Vandailia laws, in order to be an ambassador the nation he comes from must first be in an alliance. Ambassadors must be approved by the Emperor or Deputy Emperor. Ambassadors shall represent their country but not their people.

“We once said Hail CoalWood, Now we say Hail Vandailia” - Velinux

– The Emperor, Deputy Emperor, and members of the Empires Commission

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