The Backrooms v1.1

The Backrooms Changelog



Date: 8/22/2022


  • Levels now have soundtracks when entering them
  • Added Level 8
  • Remade Radio, now known as Music Player
  • Added Music Tapes, which can be used on the radio ( 17 total ). They can be found on the map, and they’re special in every level.
  • 2 new gamepasses
    • Custom Tape
    • Unlock All Music Tapes
  • New Items and Objects:
    • Shard
    • the rock
    • Sunbed
    • Float
    • Pool Noodle
    • Pickaxe
  • Added Gamemodes when generating the map, in Vip Commands ( Beta )
    • Infection ( at least 2 players required ): at least 1 player will be a partygoer which can explode in order to get the other players
    • Hardcore: once a player dies, they get kicked and can’t join the server
  • New monster: Spider. Spawns in level 8 and deals high amounts of damage
  • Tips and death messages now appear in chat
  • When near a monster, music stops. Both for when a player is near a music player


  • Level 37 Revamp
    • Removed ceiling lights, now replaced with natural light windows
    • Added Pool Noodles and Floats
  • Object Placing Changed: Objects no longer get anchored when colliding with another part, they now get welded with the parts it is touching
  • Major Pathfinding Update, Better performance and AI
  • Inventory and Menu animations changed
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Chicken Nugget energy gain has been decreased from 25 to 15 but gives 3 health
  • Camera Bobbing Changed
  • HQ Mode off now has significantly better performance
  • Loading screen changes:
    • Less Lag ( potential faster loading )
    • Images are replaced with tips
  • Bacteria no longer spawns in level 3