The Barn Showcase *LIGHTING UPDATE*

Good Morning Everybody!

Hi everyone, for my barn showcase I have made a lighting update for people to see more better, in my last devforum post people had a hard time seeing in the game, changes are made but if i missed anything else that contact me at

Come to this game to check lighting update, please give me any feedback you have in mind -->

Thank you for reading developers! Have a great day! :sun_with_face:


The lighting looks good I would recommend playing with the lighting settings a bit more, you could add some sun rays, maybe some color correction, some blur and others if you plan adding different effects.

As I said before the place is rather empty to be called a showcase as there’s not a lot of detail that could be seen the repetitive trees placed all over the map don’t look that appealing, try spreading them around the area making them have different height and shapes add some variation into them to look more natural.

Definitely try placing some hay bales against the barn or inside it to fill in the empty parts of the land I can see you used the diamond plate material I don’t think it matches with the building since a lot of barns are made with wood planks and should put more time into your showcase, remove some of the windows on the barn, try to not make them look blocky.

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