The beauty of a world turned hollow

Hello! This is a project of mine coming to fruition, thought I could share it all with you and maybe get some feedback on what I’ve been able to get done so far, if you have any suggestions, feel free to reply to this post, any and all critique is welcome!

Here’s a showcase I also made: My Building Recollection - Roblox

I very much enjoy the realistic theme of most of the models! Though, in the picture above I do find it odd how the grass is growing all throughout the sand. Maybe if you are going to have grass in the sand, try keeping it within patches, not spread out out throughout the entire area.

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As Arcrypt said, grass from sand is a little weird. You can keep that desert-y / dry feel though by just adding yellowish patches of grass around the area and putting grass in those. I also feel like corroded metal was a tad bit overused. Remember that it is one of the more abrasive and eye-catcher materials, so use it conservatively.

Besides that, looking good!