The Big Apple Credit Page🍎

(logo credit:kaden#5708)

Hi there! We are a small diverse game development company that got together to make a fun game with a positive message. The last thing we want to do is not credit someone properly, but as we all know things happen beyond our control. So if we used your work in the game and if you would like credit PLEASE contact us and we will be HAPPY to add you here. We love working with all of the great talented people on this platform. So if you have something you think we can add to the game and want to get your designs seen please let us know! We are happy to talk to you.

Enough about that…Roll the credits please!

Lead Cast
Creator: mynameisfrogleg
Designer/Production Manager/scripting: Naxtrodaumus
Scripter: fribby
Jr. Scripter: Annie
Scripting: Poly liveOps
Models: kevinroyall
Models: MooBtw

Supporting Cast:
Game icon GFX: @0Skyz
Clothing for AKOEMAE: @xKorl & @Missmae15
Clothing: @Lalurland
EpikClothing: @EpikShadowzRBLX
Scream Queens – @DawsonDelReys
Mint Clothing Co. –ToxicSmiles13#5941
Awesomeplayz12 – Modeling, Baby Dragon, Pig and Accessories
Sebby_alt – Set : “Baddie”
Krymennaa – Elle and Ella faces
Thea_girlssss – Golden Queen and Receptionist
Bariacg – Pet Models

Special thanks:
TechSpectrum: for game consulting
Olivao9: being awesome