The Big Bug Reporting Update

[Update] May 31, 2024

Hey Creators,

I’m here to share an exciting update on our bug reporting process. You’re probably thinking “no waaaay” but… It’s finally happening!!!

We’ve made major improvements to our flows in an effort to improve communication and increase our bug resolution speed. You may have noticed some of these additions such as new report subcategories, statuses like Open and Fixed at the top of bug threads, and more responses from staff as we work to address all of your reports.

All of this, and a lot more behind the scenes, means we’re ready to open the report process further to support even more creators!

Requesting bug report access

Request permission by joining this Group!


We’ll review and approve requests on a rolling, monthly basis. You will get a notification in your inbox once you’ve been approved!

Note: All existing Regulars don’t need to join - you’ve already been added!

And for those of you who have been around the forums for a while, you may be wondering what this means for Trust Level 2 members. There will be more to come on this in the next couple of months, but expect some changes to the Trust Rank system coming soon to improve the join and rank-up process for new and existing creators.

Reporting and contributing to bug reports

Writing detailed reports and contributing to existing, open issues help us squash bugs faster and highlight which issues are a higher priority for the community.

Bringing more creators into the system means there’s a good chance many of you will run into similar bugs. When you encounter a problem, make sure you check if someone has already reported it before you submit a new report. Contributing to an open report lets us know how widespread a problem is and could even help us identify the cause quicker if you have extra details to add to the original report.

We take your bug reports seriously and we hope you do too

Please make sure each report and discussion in the thread follow our community guidelines - we will remove permission for people who can’t follow these guidelines or who post off topic and low quality content.

Help us keep discussions on track and flag issues when you see them!

What about feature requests?

We plan to make the feature request flow more accessible in the future. Similar to what we’ve done with bug reporting, there are a lot of improvements we need to make behind the scenes to make the experience better for everyone.

Until then, we love reading through your open discussions and feedback on product announcements and during our AMAs. We may not be able to take on each request as they are, but we have launched many new features and improvements in the past year based on your input! You can read more about everything we released in 2023 in this announcement from Nick and Tian or over on our Creator Roadmap.

Please continue to share your feedback and we’ll keep working to improve the process for everyone.

Thank you!

@Kairomatic @Hooksmith @mr_tidum @music_man1996 @Sourdough_Sam and the rest of Creator Success

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Hope the new system goes well, it sounds great!


Does that mean we are going to finally have a new system after all of these years for the TLs? This is very important because we only had radio silence all of the time.


Most likely because you’re already a Regular who has access to the bug reports category.


Uhh… scope it out once.


Exciting, I am very interested to see if this makes the bug reporting system more accessible as well as improving clarity on the roles of the devforum.


I’ve always wanted Regular status but this works too!


Looks amazing! This should be good. :+1:t4:


Yes this is the new system for bug report access. Bug reporting is now no longer based on trust level.

There’s some remaining permissions that are specific to Regular (feature request access, lounge access) that we’ll have further information on at a later time. Our goal is to have granular permissions rather than broad stroke trust levels in the future.


I wondered where the report button went.
And why I got the regular trusted level again.
Now I know.


Are you saying you are not seeing the report bug button while being in the group?

If so please start a thread in #forum-help:forum-bugs and we’ll take a look


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Is there any vetting process happening behind the scenes when accepting join requests? Or is this just a funnel to manage riff raff.


My bad, i went to the “join” button you posted.
And it was just showing this image.
While your new link goes to the right place.
Latest Forum Help/Forum Bugs topics - Developer Forum | Roblox


There’s a staggered (after some time) approval process for the group which disincentivizes people to join quickly just for fun to abuse.

Please flag posts that do not seem right so we can take action on the reporters. (e.g. remove them from the group or additional actions if they broke any other forum rules as appropriate)

We’ll also be moving somewhat slowly on the accepts so that we can ensure internal teams can handle the load as we add more people and thus receive more bug reports.


Glad to see the bug reporting form open up to more creators. When I went to create my first bug report, when I had just the Member permissions, I was really confused on how to actually submit one since the category could only be posted to by Regulars, and had to do some asking around to find out how - so it’s a huge improvement for the UX of the forum.

On a related note, does Roblox plan to bring back virtual item incentives for reporting bugs? A few years ago, the Red Banded Top Hat and Boss White Hat series items were regularly awarded to users who reported bugs and vulnerabilities on the site. Nowadays, they aren’t really awarded as much and it seems only a few sporadically get granted every few years - I think it’s a pretty cool way to reward people who take the time to sit down and create bug reports.


Basically allowing users to create bug reports and feature requests if they are eligible by joining the forum groups rather than needing to PM directly to @Bug-Support, right?


Just to confirm you understand, that is what we’re shipping here today. :slightly_smiling_face: This announcement is about that there’s now a group you can request to join and you will see the “Report Bug” button.

We’re keeping the Bug-Support inbox actively for a while as this rolls out at the same time but it’s not necessary to use that anymore.


We give monetary incentives to security-related issues reported via our Hackerone. We don’t currently give out or have plans to give out rewards for bugs reported via devforum, but we do want to make sure we are properly responding to these bugs and giving you transparency on its status, so that your time spent reporting the bug is well respected.


Since this is a significant change, I have a question about what will happen to the Trust Levels.

“Regular” was previously used as a platform for reporting bugs and requesting new features, but with the latest update released today, it looks like its importance will be decreased significantly. Therefore, it raises the question of whether there is still a need for “Regular” going forward.

“Editor” and “Leader” are only available for Roblox employees, despite “Editor” being used for those who contributed within the Post-Approval team.