The Blank Space - New game Dev Vlog #2

Hey there! Been developing more of my game “The Blank Space!” Tell me what you think, and what I should improve upon, the main story still isn’t there and now I have the “Cycle” done. 2022-10-01 11-38-54.mp4 on Vimeo


Have some stuff to say.

First of all, that design is unique!
Second of all, the camera bobbing for the walking is too rough. Slow it down.
Thirdly, I noticed you’ve added an effect where the camera slightly tilts when you move your mouse. That seems unnecessary. Lower that effect more or just remove it.
And finally, make some custom proximity prompts to give your game some pizzazz!


Thank you! The proximity prompt is actually just a placeholder while I make the pong minigame at work. :smile:

The project looks great!
How did you get that camera bob effect to look as good as it does? I know that @PosFind said that it was too rough, which it is a little, but I’m trapped trying to make my effect look good and it just isn’t coming the way I’d like it too.

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Lots of tweaking the math, and then deciding how fast the bob is according to the walkspeed.

Is there any reason why you had to upload the video to vimeo? I can’t get it to play on my computer.

Sadly roblox only lets me upload videos up to 10 MB to the site, so I have to use a external site. :frowning:

I was implying you should upload it to Youtube, I’d like to be able to watch the video.