The car's tire is broken!

today I got an issue when I making a car from the developer hub. when I’m done creating a car, the tire is just like a shacking tire. the car does not move too.

I will send a screenshot later in the play test. I’m screenshot it yet

any attachments are broken?


Send me the screenshots and stuff. And the scripts and stuff I will see if my friend and me can see what’s wrong

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Later I will screenshot it. I’m using my phone

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If your using hinges from surfaceinputs they dont work anymore. Now the only solution I found is coding the car.

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They do work it’s rare though I think.

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Look at it. This is broken car looks like!

More images

This is the broken constraint. Maybe

Now I’m stuck if I delete 3 car tires and delete my humanoid root part🤣

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I think you deleted a constraint, I think you have to reinstall the rbxm file I think it was, then retry, roblox cars is really buggy at times because you have to be exactly how roblox did theirs so thats why many other peoples don’t like roblox tutorials.

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so… did you just need ROBLOX jeep?

? I don’t know what you mean by that.

the constraint was NOT deleted. the constraint was invisible

If you want the constraint to be visible once playing, check the visible tick on the Properties of any constraints.

is this a floating body but it unarchored?

it means grab the jeep model in toolbox

Try fiddling with the properties of the spring while playing the game and once you got it to work copy the spring then stop the game and paste it into where you want it

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what is fiddling? how to copy and paste

Messing around with the spring. Copy is CTRL or Command C and Paste is CTRL or Command V

I just use constraint details and I saw a floating constraint the I use the spring to make it not fall