The City Travel Hotel Update Log - 17 April 2020

The City Travel Hotel

17 April 2020 Update

Rank Management Center

I have finally scripted what I have wanted to do for a long time thanks to @CAP7A1N!
So, you guys can now buy ranks and, I have included a FREE promotion to all staff members!

Claim It By Clicking Here! (Disclaimer: You Cannot Get Any Ranks Marked With [-]!

Inactive Group

We are aware of the group being really inactive because @Aiden_12114 hasn’t been working on it much. From now on, @Aiden_12114 is going to work on it as much as he can!

Group Managers

Please be respectful to @Carsynjarrell and @thegiantsoul because they are our group managers! (Disclaimer: They Can Promote/Demote Without @Aiden_12114’s Permission)

Stay Healthy & Active Everyone During These Tough Times!