The Clanning Hub | Game Rules

The following games will uphold the rules stated within this document:

Recruitment Plaza

This document will go over and explain all rules and information of any games listed under the Roblox Group.

If you are interested at all in The Clanning Hub, you can view more information surrounding it at our Roblox group here: Hero Simulator - Neverlife Studios - Roblox.

To appeal any punishments you may contact a Senior Moderator+. This can be done via our Discord Server.

Section A

  • A1
    Any use of Exploits are punishable by a permanent ban from the game. This is strictly appeal able to a Senior Moderator+.

  • A2
    Abusing any bugs/glitches within the game in any way will result in a kick from the game immediately.

  • A3
    Bypassing the chat filter in any way shape or form will result in both a logged warning + kick from the server. This is non-negotiable.

  • A4
    Using inappropriate decals/images in our games will result in a logged warning + kick from the server.

Section B
This section will be surrounding the respect shown to other members and the Staff Members of The Clanning Hub. Any messages sent within one of our games are prone to Moderation.

  • B1
    Any form of racial slurs stated within The Clanning Hub’s game(s) are punishable by a logged warning along with a temporary ban of up to 72 hours.

  • B2
    Being rude to another member is punishable by a logged warning + kick from the server. We will not tolerate any form of disrespect being shown to another member. If this disrespect is being shown to a Staff Member then we will enhance the punishment into a temporary ban of up to 72 hours.

  • B3
    When speaking to a Staff Member we would like to ask you to refrain from being immature. If you are repeatedly immature to a Staff Member then a warning will be issued. Should you continue, you will be removed from the server as a whole.

  • B4
    If you choose to appeal one of these punishments but in doing so are rude in any way then your punishment will be enhanced by 5x. Meaning if you were originally banned for 3 days, it would become 15 days.

This document will be updated regularly depending upon the amount of punishments we have to give out for certain things. Please be sure to re-read it regularly to ensure that you fully understand the rules stated.

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