The Closure of Walmington Lines

After a Unfortunate Event and the Worst in the History of Network Roblox Rail it has come to my Attention that Walmington Lines is No Longer fit for Purpose or Possible to Fix without lots of work that will just Take too Long.

After I worked hard to remove anything with a script from the game it Didn’t save resulting in me Losing all this Work so I have Taken the Decision to Move on and Start work on a Open Rail Sim.

This open Rail sim Will Allow me to To Have My Friends Operate Trains and Not just me and Allow a Broader Range of Things to Go On, You May Be Happy to Know that Elements of Walmington Will Survive to The New Stranford Rail Sim such as Air Connect but with New Stock and Other Things.

Thank You For Bearing with Us During this Tricky Time.

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