The colors of 2 different PointLights put together should mix properly based on Brightness

As a Roblox developer, I want to make a cool scene with lights, but I feel limited on how Lights currently work.
(This is on the Legacy system)

I took two different PointLights, and gave one of them properties that would overpower the other. Then I put them together, and it seems like it didn’t mix how it should.
image image

The white light shines through even though the red light is 10x brighter. I think the red would bleed more light through because of how much brighter it is. Basically, the white light will always overpower any other color light no matter the brightness.

So I tried this with a blue light instead of the white light.
image image

The lights do mix together, but the problem is still the brightness of the red light not overpowering the blue light. The color of the purple mix is the same even if the brightness of the blue light is 10 instead of 2. It just looks like an even amount of blue and red mix.

My problem is that the Brightness property on Lights isn’t accurate to how it should be. This would improve the art of many scenes I make for my games that include lights (ex: a scene where a flashing cop car is driving through a low lit road, the blue and red should be able to bleed through the road lights but it can’t).


This is why you shouldn’t use the legacy system if you want lights with really high brightness values, because the brightness of lights is clamped when using it. If your brightness is set too high, the light will only “fill” more, not get brighter. You can get the effect you want (sort of) by decreasing the brightness of both lights instead. If you want to use arbitrary brightness values that aren’t clamped (HDR lighting, basically) you should use the new voxel mode / future is bright lighting.

Tried it out and I did get more of that effect with 0.6 vs 2 Brightness. I guess I didn’t understand the limitation of the brightness value exactly.

But the problem with the different colored lights not bleeding through white light is still there. I can’t use FIB lighting because my game was designed for voxel lighting, but the colored lights don’t bleed through white with FIB either.

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