The computer I built

This is the first computer I built if you have any ideas of what I should add there so feel free to write thank you.




A very simple build. But looks quite good. You should go for bigger projects, expand! Go for a house or a building. But the computer monitor looks good.

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I like it, but it looks a little too plain. Maybe add a camera or a computer box next to it. You seem ready to make a simple house. Keep it up!

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It looks very simple and not sure if it’s the lighting or not but the colors are not the same (for the frame of the monitor) Heres some honest feedback:

I think if you’re new to modeling/building this is pretty good. I would use csg or cylinders to round out the edges. I’d prefer csg as it’s way easier to align and you reduce parts. It also lacks details. I would add some vents on the back if you haven’t already. Most monitors also have this bump on the back so you can also add that. The stand looks fairly basic. I would maybe put a logo or text on that.

also inspired me to make one which was pretty bad but I was bored and killed some time

It’s kind of lacking in detail, not the monitor, but the build. I would challenge you to make a whole gaming setup with a desk, multiple monitors, and a PC.

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It’s his first computer build, give him time.


We are giving him feedback and stuff he should add which is what he asked for

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Add a decal to the screen, a fake logo, and maybe some gradients or something to make it have more detail.
Make sure there is no Z-Fighting.