The Cube changelog v1.0.0

The Cube changelog


These changelog details are outdated. Too much is happening right now to keep the changelog updated. Full reports will be available within the next few weeks. Sorry!


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Added tutorial
Added Loot Cubes
Added haptic feedback
Added achievements
Added numerous wraps & weapons
Added weapon animation packs


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Fixed numerous minor bugs
Fixed ranged weapons on mobile
Fixed mobile controls
Fixed custom soundtrack
Fixed game freezing
Fixed damage effects occuring randomly
Fixed contract access under Lvl. 10
Fixed mobile menu store
Fixed ability to obtain counter effects
Fixed ability to unequip tools
Fixed getting stuck under lobby spleef
Fixed client freezing exploits
Fixed weapons sometimes not working
Fixed VIP chat tag not applying
Fixed color match mode not ending
Fixed ‘Next color’ indicator not hiding
Fixed some effects not clearing properly
Fixed wins and losses not tracking
Fixed Second chance perk
Fixed Weapon scroller grids
Fixed loot drops not moving with panels
Fixed huge running orientations
Fixed visual glitch when clicking and moving mouse off of buttons
Fixed panels not dropping in Color match
Fixed Color match ending early
Fixed dummies getting stuck in tutorial
Fixed Boss almanac
Fixed mobile sprint being available in rounds
Fixed scrolling frames being on several axis
Fixed fall damage
Fixed bouncy panels


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Redesigned daily reward system
Health effects altered
Altered Turret sound
Added current round indicator
Raised dialogue for mobile
Diminished loot drops in Color match
Lava height decreased in Crumble mode
Fixed overlapping panels in Crumble mode
Loot drops removed from Crumble mode
Logic is more random in Crumble mode
Cookie & XP rewards decreased
Better indications added to Boss fight
Made Charged panel effects more common
Boss fight attacks are random
Cookie & crystal trackers added in rounds
Shouts now have character limits
Replaced weapon shoulder cam option with ROBLOX shift lock
Resized several lobby models to be more proportionate
Decreased time to move in Color match
Daily shout and VIP rewards are now collected via daily rewards
Soft shutdown only teleports if no outdated servers are found
Reinstated grid fade transition
Changelog moved to DevForum bulletin board (previous changelogs have not been archived)
Removed chance of getting duplicate challenges
Hidden all mobile buttons when spectating
All notifications queue until player has loaded
NPCs share the same collision group as players
Changed XP requirements per level
Reduced crystals earnt from bouncy panels
Set maximum level to 100


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Removed loot drops from Crumble mode

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Other credits

  • Wraps by @Mistyrime
  • Icons be Freepik & @q_ezekielll
  • Clothing by @Mistyrime and @rebehccca