The DevForum Applications have to come back

I do agree that there should be something in place instead of letting people walk right in (Sounds a little hypocritical considering that’s how I got in here). Roblox is currently experimenting with ways promotion to regular can continue and perhaps they can incorporate some of those ideas into a new verification system? Though, some can argue that letting people into the forum can bring more inclusion and Roblox doesn’t want the forum to seem ‘elite.’

There’s pros and cons to both sides so there really isn’t a right or wrong here.


Being interested doesn’t mean that you need to post. If a popular youtuber makes a video where you need to rank up on DevForum to (…), they will go, rank up and probably make chaos.


I’m not really in favor of application systems for the Developer Forums, it takes too long. Since it was replaced, I haven’t really seen huge problems with moderation. In fact, they don’t even put that much effort into it on the forums, because it’s handled well in a very mature manner, so there’s no need to use more resources than required. There’s a lot more resources too, and the developer community continues to grow in proportion of them.

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What do you mean…? The application doesn’t guarantee that people will post either. And if a popular youtuber makes a video about DevForum, they will need to have enough read time, post reads, and topic reads. It might get some people to try, but it will take hours to actually get in. You also can’t prevent people from lying on their applications for DevForum, so yeah.


Hey! I Think DevForum Applications May Open!

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I’ll just state why applications shouldn’t even be returned…

Now, I’ll have to rephrase something here but let’s see the statement here shall we? Made by @PeZsmistic, first of all, since Post Approval has been disbanded, and even if they are still there, do you think they have all the power to review requests considering the fact that it may be over thousands? Let’s see in the today Developer Forum, Post Approval’s gone… applications are back. Developer Relations would have to review applications one by one, well, here’s the same troubling issue, there’s not enough staff to do that, and I doubt they’ll hire staff just to review applications. I also believe that an application does not verify a user’s ability to make good contributions, I’ve seen dozens here in the Developer Forum, that passed through automated system, that’s been contributing greatly around the community.

Seondly, in my part, if applications are back, and only a few get accepted, developers who do need the Developer Forum and knows how to properly use it, will have trouble, and that’s why the Developer Forum was opened in the first place to make it a forum for all types of developers, thirdly, if they also made it like that more and more developers who are not in the forum will begin to think that DevForum Members are elite Developers compared to themselves, if Members here are already comparing themselves to Regulars, how much more if non-Members will compare themselves to Members of this forum?

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The requirements to get into DevForum periodically changes, there is no fixed requirements. Some people hardly use it and get into it while others read too much but still doesn’t get into it. It’s the bot which accepts you into the forum. If you like read few forum articles or replies soo quickly, the bot can detect it and may slow the promotion. However, if there is no suspicious activty, it will promote you.

This is incorrect. It just checks if three specific stats are higher than a specific baseline.


On a personal level, I’d dislike the revival of applications. If it weren’t for such features being removed, I wouldn’t have been able to get the vast amount of help I’ve already gotten from those who know a lot about what I’m trying to accomplish in the little amount of time I’ve been here (although I have the 1-year badge, I really only started being active on the forum in October or November).

I feel that applications limit the creative ability of users who do not meet the requirements. And, consequently, discourages developers because they “aren’t good enough” (if you will) to be on the forum.

However, from a less “emotional” perspective, all your points are most certainly valid. The lack of creativity in topics has certainly grown since the removal of applications. The #development-discussion has also been a hot topic of concern, no pun intended (although I feel there is a huge lack of explanation on what you can and can’t post there…but that’s another story).

As already stated, there is now a huge population of members on the forum. Adding applications in a revamp would cause an uproar. You’d see videos and complaints about it flying everywhere like flies.

I think that’s supposed to say “be.”

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The reason that the forum was opened was exclusively to do with encouraging new users to participate in the discussions that were being had on the forums.

I think the forums have not evolved with what they have become - they have nothing to do with quality discussions about development, which are extremely rare to come by these days. There are other more suitable places for such discussions.

The benefit is quite clear in that new developers can participate on the same level as fairly seasoned or successful developers, which was historically the userbase of the old forums. The downsides are also obvious in the lack of moderation, standards and etiquette that have followed with that decision. I don’t think Roblox intend on going back on that, and even if your proposal went along, there are plenty of people who wouldn’t pass any form of application who are already at member or regular.

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I dont agree. But i also dont disagree. Making the forum a non free for all admission would really stir the pot. Roblox’s goal right now is to steer away from controversy.

Instead to fix the post quality issue I personally feel punishments harsher than flagging posts should be invoked (suspensions from forum posting). I know it probably wouldnt be added considering mods are already overwhelmed with flagged posts but. I think unless there is real moderation initiative and care I unfortunately feel like the way of doing things now is grandfathered in.

Us as a community need to start taking initiative to combat this by being polite, messaging people with different reasons why their post wasnt contributive. otherwise those who have their posts flagged or whatnot wont know how to make a half decent post. Sounds cheesy but fight it with compassion.

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Would just like to pop in and say that without the DevForums, I, as a developer who is just starting out, would not have been able to build my skillset the same way this place has enabled me to. It has been a great resource – the user base has helped me overcome challenges to growth in a way that isn’t really equivalent to other places. I don’t have any showcases available to submit in an application – why should that make me unworthy?

I understand why you and other long-time members may be disgruntled by the changes to this place and while I don’t have any suggestions as to how, I do agree that something should happen to improve the dwindling quality issue.

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It was never elite from my understandings. It was just that most people didn’t know how to develop way back when. If you just want to develop on a whim and join the forum you probably shouldn’t be here until you at least know how to do something.

Good argument as always :P. Now that I think about it from a more Tl3+/staff point of view they don’t want to have to read applications when they could be doing development. Both sides have good arguments here.

Doesn’t seem like it…

I don’t really want to spend even more time on the devforum where I feel the need to correct everyone.

It would be awesome if they showed community resources as open to all(Is that the case?) so people without as much experience could see and get better.

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I didn’t mean that it was elite. Roblox didn’t want it to feel elite. Mainly because the only other ways of communicating with other developers were through discord servers and other 3rd party services instead of Roblox’s own service.

Unless you mean even non-forum members can post, community resources/tutorials are open to all:

You can also try sending a text to yourself or your friend of a link to a community recourse/tutorial page, and if it embeds, it’s public.


Neither do the moderators. This issue is going to require initiative to fix, either us or them.

The only way to really fix this issue would be to bring back post approval and apply it to like every category. But that isn’t going to work completely impractical. The moderators are trying to setup an automatic system but you can’t automate sincerity at the moment.

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Just check if there’s a lock next to the category. If there is, like Development Discussion or Lounge, then it’s locked. If not, anyone can see it.


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The experienced developers that some want to restrict this place to wouldn’t ask the same questions that beginners might, thus it wouldn’t be as great a resource. We need the ability to ask these newbie questions and as much as I hate to say it, our other option, Scripting Helpers, just doesn’t have the same effect.