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How to rank up:

Force sensitive ranks:
Force Sensitive to Youngling / Sith Youngling - Be accepted into the Jedi or Sith Order. A Jedi / Sith Knight+ will ask you if you want to join the respective order.
Youngling I / Sith Youngling I to Youngling II / Sith Youngling II - Attend a lecture.
Youngling II / Sith Youngling II to Youngling III / Sith Youngling III - Attend a combat training.
Youngling III / Sith Youngling III to Youngling IV / Sith Youngling IV - Attend a lore class.
Youngling IV / Sith Youngling IV to Initiate / Dark Initiate - Pass your Initiate Trials.
Initiate / Dark Initiate to Padawan / Sith Apprentice - A Jedi / Sith Knight+ can ask you to be their apprentice.
Padawan / Sith Apprentice to Jedi / Sith Knight - Pass your Knight Trials and Attend your Knighting ceremony.
Jedi / Sith Knight to Advanced Jedi / Sith Knight - Be promoted by the High / Dark Council.
The rest is coming soon.

Lectures, Combat Trainings, Initiate and Knight Trials can all be hosted by a Knight+. Knighting ceremonies should be hosted by the Grand Master / Sith Emperor unless another member of the High / Dark Council has been asked to by either the Jedi Grand Master or the Sith Emperor depending which order you are in.

Civilian ranks:
Galactic Citizen to Cadet - Attend and pass a training hosted on Futuretops.
Cadet to Trooper - See above.
Coming soon.