The Forest ShowCase

This is a forest showcase that i’ve been working on for an hour. what you think?


really cool. I dont know how to work with the particles with the branches in blender

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thing you can improve on is making the river more narrow adding rocks to the side of the river (preferably using blender). And just add more randomness to it to make it feel like it was real life, also put the trees at random heights and at different angles, sizes whatever to add randomness and you can also add broken down fences and add more trees to make it feel ridged feeling. Other than that it looks awesome.

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if you trying to make trees, i would suggest using a Dev pack aka “natural pack” alot of developer used it. but if you trying to make leaves. falling under the tree, i would just try the particles in studio. and just make a texture for it.

tysm hopefully this info I gave helps you out

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really cool showcase but maybe

make the fences like this and not straight like it is and maybe scale some trees smaller and some bigger so they look abit different


I really like it! You should give the fence a darker color though, It looks a little too bright with the darker lighting and the grass

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