The Future of CVRF

Personal note - Working on CVRF off-and-on over the past 5 years now has been a great experience, and I’m super happy we were able to make something that has been played over 120K times. Back in 2017, when I first joined JKR, I would’ve never expected CVRF to get anywhere close to the point it is at today.

But unfortunately, both @ChromeEight and I are at the point of moving on. Chrome has been away from CVRF development for quite a while now, and I have become far less motivated to work on Roblox projects as of late.

Because of this, it’s safe to say that CVRF development has been indefinitely suspended - we currently do not plan to work on it in any significant capacity beyond this point, at least on Roblox. That being said, there is a possibility of making CVRF open-source, so that others can pursue continuing the project if they so choose. If we decide to go forward with this, an announcement will be made prior to the development branch being un-copylocked, but a decision on that has not been made yet.

Future Possibilities

I am also pursuing the possibility of working on a CVRF-like game in Godot (especially with Godot 4 having recently entered beta) that would have gameplay more on par with Space Station 13, but don’t want to make any promises or share any detailed information about my current work just yet, as it’s too early to tell if it’ll go anywhere. If you’re interested in helping out, feel free to mention it on our Discord! I’d love to hear if there’s anyone else our there interested in the idea of CVRF outside of Roblox, and more people to work on it will absolutely increase the chance of it actually happening. Just keep in mind, developing outside of Roblox (even on an engine like Godot that has some notable commonalities) comes with its own hurdles and learning challenges.



The JKR Studios Discord server is not going anywhere. Of course, the DevForum rules prohibit posting invite links, but it is possible to join out Discord server through the group. To do so, find it in one of two locations where social links are present:

If you do not see any social links on the group page (or any of the games), your account is likely under 13 and as such you are not allowed to join the server (this is also a requirement of Discord’s Terms of Service - not just Roblox).


The Roblox group will likely become inactive for the foreseeable future as no projects are receiving updates on the platform. This is why I would suggest joining our Discord server! That being said, JKR itself is not shutting down, and there is still a chance of new projects receiving work on the group.

See you all around!