The FUTURISTIC PROJECT – Multiple Vacancies | Long Term | USD / Robux 2000$ BUDGET | Big Project – [HIRING NOW!]


About US :wave:
Hi there! My name is Michael, I am putting together a team of talented Roblox developers with a goal to create a futuristic prison.

The Team
Builder - @thiscouldbeyou
Second Builder - @NitroIord
Gui Designer - @thiscouldbeyou
Scripter - @eee (taken)
Uniform Designer - @thiscouldbeyou
Animator - @thiscouldbeyou
3dmodeller - @Al3x1c
GFX Designer - @codasdead
Sound Designer - @ImagineLogitech

About The Job :memo:

We are looking for professional, passionate and reliable Roblox developers to join us on this journey to create this game.
You will be expected to create high quality assets within a reasonable time frame and communicate throughout the development process. You need to be familiar with the Roblox platform and have a passion for developing.

Vacancies :open_file_folder:

  • Animator
    You will need to create high quality character and map/gun/a lot more animations with a high focus on the fluidity and smoothness, You will need to provide a portfolio of your previous work.
  • Uniform Designer
    Must be able to create high quality, futuristic uniforms within reasonable time and be prepared to make edits/changes, You will need to provide a portfolio of your previous work.


The price per job varies and is negotiable based on your level of skill and work speed. Our preferred payment method is USD w/btc or pp, however Robux is an option.
We have a budget of up to 2000$ USD.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at Royal#1879 or twitter at @Royal1352, Please remember to include your portfolio when contacting me.
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Thank you for checking out our post! If you have any questions, dm me on discord for faster replies!



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