The graviter by default of workspace, what is a converssion in bodyForce

I asked myself this question when I wanted to make a graviter system

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Slightly confused what you’re asking but if you want to simulate “zero gravity” on an assembly:

local part = script.Parent -- or some path to your part

local bodyForce ='BodyForce')
bodyForce.Force =, part.AssemblyMass * workspace.Gravity, 0)
bodyForce.Parent = part

Or using the new movers:

local part = script.Parent -- or some path to a part

local forceAttachment ='Attachment')
forceAttachment.Parent = part

local vectorForce ='VectorForce')
vectorForce.Force = Vector3.yAxis * part.AssemblyMass * workspace.Gravity
vectorForce.RelativeTo = Enum.ActuatorRelativeTo.World
vectorForce.Attachment0 = forceAttachment
vectorForce.ApplyAtCenterOfMass = true
vectorForce.Parent = part