:|: The Gray Jedi Order :|: Revival Plan

Hello members of :|: The Gray Jedi Order :|:

As you all know recently our group has become a bit inactive, and it needs to be fixed now. I understand it can be a bit hard to find people who actually are interested in Star Wars groups like this, but we must try out best.

This plan will be broken into different sections.

Section 1:
The purpose of this section is to explain that every member in this order has their own purpose. And each and every member must complete that purpose.

High ranks need to be active as stated in the HR Guide and Handbook. (HR’s should read those texts, there is no excuse) High ranks should host training, settle problems, not get into petty arguments or issues. It should not be any more complicated than this.

Middle ranks are expected to arrive at training, learn from high ranks so they can soon achieve that position and aim to rank up.

Low ranks should be attending training every week. (At least 2-3 trainings a week) Low ranks should listen, try to learn, etc.

Section 2:

A group is nothing without its high ranks. In order for this plan to be effective, ALL HIGH RANKS MUST BE ON BOARD WITH THIS PLAN AND READY TO WORK WITH IT

And as stated before each and every high rank must be active to be on board with this plan.

In addition, all high ranks who do not do their job or get active will be demoted.

Section 3:


Divisions are great and we need them. However, we are only hurting our selves by trying to keep up divisions when we still have not kept up the main group.

So, we will first focus on getting the main group active and filled with low ranks who are active. Then when they start needing divisions to fall into, we will get those running back up.

Section 4:

Getting rid of the people who won’t be useful at the start.

One of the biggest issues with recruiting is recruiting bad members. This time around to avoid getting bad members is just to tell them right there on the spot that we are looking for loyal, active, members who are not willing to learn combat but also lore.

And, the group is no supergroup, so be willing to stick with a few issues here and there with active.

In addition, tell each member to join the discord. Discord is how our members can stay active, even if not on our places.

Section 5:

Keep the discord active.

Even if getting on the places is hard, lets at the very least keep discord active so we have a strong community.

In addition, while recruiting it is very important to keep discord active so when members join they can see it is active.

Section 6:

Find more creative ways of recruiting

We know GRP is not working out, so we must be more creative. Try recruiting in actual Star Wars games, try asking friends interested in Star Wars, etc.

Additionally, members need to recruit more often.

Section 7:

Gather at the temple as much as possible.

Even if you don’t want to actually play the temple, at least try to be in it. A good way to get people to join the game is for people to be in it, and then the game will be spotted in people’s friend activities, and more people will end up playing.



This plan is really broken into 3 major stages.

  1. Get current members on board and active
  2. Recruit and get active on discord
  3. Get active on the temple and get the group rolling with everyone playing their role in the group.

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