The Growth vs Fixed Mindset

What Is this topic about?

I’ll be discussing the Growth vs Fixed mindset for Roblox Development. Although this works for a ton of other stuff, not just Roblox Studio, I’ll still be discussing it using Roblox references.

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is where you pretty much want to do something (like developing /w roblox studio) and you have some sort of motivation. A better way to say it is: imagine if someone wants to learn how to build on roblox studio. The best way for them to learn is probably by letting them do stuff on their own, not because someone told them to. Just on their own because they want to. And they have motivation/ambition (example: wants to make a game like Adopt me and admires Minitoon and wants to be like him). A Growth mindset is really good and a lot of popular devs probably have one. Hence the name, growth mindset. You grow.

Onto the next one.

Fixed Mindset

When you have a Fixed Mindset, you probably do roblox developing because you need to, not because you want to. This is like: when you have someone teaching you on roblox studio for building, per say, you learn their methods and not your methods. You probably mimic everything they do. Although it may be fun, it’s probably going to get you nowhere and you’re just gonna do what they do. Hence the name fixed mindset. You’re fixed on one or more things and you don’t do all the stuff you could’ve done. You should do it yourself. Be yourself. Build(or whatever developing you do) yourself. Imitating others will probably make you have less potential than you could’ve if you had a Growth Mindset. Although, you can learn small things like scripting organization or negative parts or anything small like that, that’s okay. Just try to do stuff for yourself. Even if it sucks. Just try. a lot.


I’ve been building for 2+ years. I’ve always thought there’s some sort of “secret” behind how people are SO SO SO good. The truth is. They probably just have a Growth Mindset. They probably don’t mimic others. They probably learned EVERYTHING themselves. They obviously had years and years of practice. If you want to be a good developer. Just be patient and learn by yourself. Even if you don’t realize you’re doing it. You probably are.

Also, this is just my POV on the whole thing so maybe some people don’t think the same.
Tell me what you think about it!


I like how Tony Robbin puts it. “People overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they accomplish in a decade.”

It is crucial today to have a growth mindset because we getting bombarded with so much information at such a fast pace, we sometimes think we need to know it all right now.