The Inquisition | Chapter 1: Demo | Feedback

Hey! It’s been a while since I last posted about The Inquisition. Currently, I’m looking for feedback on the first chapter of The Inquisition (although this is only a demo of it). It would also be helpful if you can provide ways to make the game better too :grin:!

So, what exactly is The Inquisition?

  • The Inquisition is a horror game that involves the main character (you) to visit a hospital that is closing. The reason being because you are an inspector and you are interested in observing the hospital as it is the most expensive inspection you’ve ever had. However this is hospital is familiar because you once worked here and you are friends with one of the co-owners of the hospital (their name is Dr. Matthew). This looks like an easy job however things take a turn for the worse.
Map Design

Game Link: The Inquisition (Chapter 2 Demo!) - Roblox

(Please comment about any questions you have about this game!)

As usual, thank you for viewing my topic!


I can’t play right now, but judging from the map, this looks nice! I do suggest changing the lighting a bit though, as it seems too bright for a horror game.


The concept and map arrangement look great. Fab modelling and decoration! :+1:

As i am prominently a builder and game designer, I recommend you change the tanks to lighter color, the bright blue clashes badly with lesser saturated walls.
Maybe it’s intentional but the pink-ish lights don’t give a horror-gamey vibe. If that’s the reason why nvm, but I would make it a creamy white colour.

Sorry if that came off as a bit aggressive, I am just passionate and that’s only my opinion. Let me know if I had the wrong idea.

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Thanks! The lights are intentionally bright for a contrast as to what’s going to happen later on in the chapter. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really appreciate the feedback! I don’t mind changing the color shade for the tanks so it’s all good. :+1:

(Also, yea the lights are intentional. They’re supposed to contrast what the environment later on in the chapter will look like. :grin: )

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Oh that’s a really interesting detail! Great thinking, I’m sure this game is awesome.

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