The Journey [ Finished Game]

Hello and Good Day
So … for the past few month I’ve been working on this project . And finally its has been completed yesterday . So I want your opinion about my game / experiences. I really want your honest opinion or thought about this game . Feel free to criticize me . If you need anything pls let me know .

The concept idea of this game is kindaaaaa similar to field trip Z . Not much to say here…but overall thank you for reading and thank you for testing my game :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Just played it for 5 minutes, looks like it could be cool. It has cutscenes and animations right off the bat.


  • Poor game design, something captivating has to happen when someone first joins, otherwise they will get bored and leave. All it says on my screen is “objective: Get back to the lab” and I’ve been running around the map aimlessly for 5 minutes.

  • Everwhere on the map is the same (grass, trees, hills, rocks), so it’s hard to navigate (no landmarks) and it loses immersion points because it gets boring after 2 minutes.

  • The UI is very primitive, an easy way to make the UI a hundred times better is just to add UICorners. A game should have a consistent, easy UI to make the game memorable, iconic and easy to play.

I can’t critique more than the first part because I still have no idea how to get to the lab or what the lab even is. If I wasn’t trying to test the game I would have quit and moved to the next game a long time ago.

Okay I hope my critique helped out.

wow thanks for the critique …

I actually put a tires track as hint . I thought that method would be working . but I guess it don’t . gotta change it . thanks again :slight_smile:

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List of suggestions in no particular order of importance:

  • Stop the breeze from appearing when indoors
  • Point players to where they need to go if they don’t figure it out within a set amount of time
  • Add some background music
  • Have the gun actually fire bullets in the intro cutscene
  • Make the crossbow more believable (arrows hitting different materials makes different noises, arrows whistle through air, ect.)
  • Make the dialogue more relevant to the objective. Saying you left the keycard in a car, then having nothing to do with the actual cars in the parking lot feels like you’re trolling the player. Instead, something along the lines of, “I’m pretty sure the guard at the gate always had a card.” Or something like that would be more helpful.
  • Grammar. Please run the dialogue through some kind of online grammar checker like this one.

What is up with the red line that follows my baseball bat when I’m holding it? Couldn’t quite figure that one out.
Full disclosure: I left the game when I couldn’t find the generator after a few minutes.


i finished the journey in approximately nine minutes and had a fine time.

some staples from the journey:

  • the entire map is utilized. the player basically needs to traverse the entire map to complete objectives. many other experiences clutter objectives close, which defeats the purpose of an extensive map.
  • firm story line. this can be seen as an obstacle, but i find that the solid direction enhances player focus, and keeps the player relativity engaged.
  • multiple cutscenes. easy way to add depth.
  • environment is stable. i really enjoy the visualized ‘wind’ patterns, and all the natural motion within the trees. the structures are adequate for this application.
  • overall flexibility. once i reached the lab, i found the key but left the area and repaired the generator without entrance to the lab. obviously, some stages need to be mandatory to comply with the storyline, but i like how simple objectives can be completed at random.

some obstacles from the journey:

  • as others have stated, the initial push to the lab can be difficult. tire tracks are helpful, but i feel as if you should add a few more to better lead the player. also, it may be beneficial to add a street sign near the gas station which is directed towards the lab in case players interpret the tire tracks inaccurately (fifty-fiftyish chance that the player may do so).
  • after items have been discovered and stored, it would be helpful to tell the player, “hey, i found this item, let’s return to the objective” so the player knows that the specific piece was found; it helps to avoid confusion.
  • some fixes should be made around structures. for example, some terrain material isn’t flush to the lab in the rear-right corner.
  • time for completion. the overall objective in this journey is direct but concise. players probably need 5-30 minutes to complete all of the necessary items, so you may want to add some distractive elements. maybe a cave, or some unnecessary items that act as red herrings for the player.
  • no day cycle. this may be incorrect, but from my short experience (cycle may be extensive) there wasn’t a day/night cycle. this function may be a factor in player immersion, and could potentially increase player urgency.
  • grammatical errors are common.

tips and tricks:

  • the settings allow players to disable shadows and some light effects. when disabled, players can then easily spot structures or objectives when positioned properly (ex. on a hill).
  • don’t stay stationary when zombie waves approach. they move slower than you, which makes evasion and extermination simple.

thanks for the fun time!

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@neffthegiraffe and @MDev_003 thanks for the tips and feedback . will definitely use it :slight_smile:

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