The Lanes - Release Plan

Three Stage Release

The release of The Lanes will follow a three stage plan - Early Access, Beta Release and Full Release, with the intention of adding more features and eliminating more bugs and issues at each stage.

Currently, The Lanes is in the Early Access stage, as a minimum viable product that lacks much of the monetisation and customisation features, as they aren’t critical to the core gameplay loop.

For this reason, Early Access will cost a one-time fee of 40 Robux to play (equivalent to £0.41-£0.46 depending on whether you have Premium or not).

You can find out more about Early Access here

Release Roadmap

The next stages for the game are shown on the roadmap below, with stage changes marked by vertical red bars, and the access fee at the bottom.

Check out the full roadmap and future features, known bugs and issues here