The Lighting Technology setting should be Modifiable

tl;dr : How to I change the Technology on the lighting to allow higher frames on my game, and if there is no way to do that, how can I increase frames on my game? What impacts frames per second the most (textures, meshes, ect)?

So I am building a great big project (In parts anyways, its about 60,000 parts) for a roleplay map. I it all takes place in a town, and the town is fairly detailed. I noticed that even on my machine, which to be fair is a well made machine, the FPS drops to 30. For others, I am sure it drops lower.

I found that if I changed the lighting technology to voxel, it frames shoot up without getting rid of a lot of the water detail, and with compatibility, it goes right back to 60.

Me using my big brain thought to myself, “What if I make a button that can change the technology locally on the fly? It would allow people to adjust the lighting setting without having to sacrifice any other graphical system.” I was wrong.

Its locked.

I feel that Roblox should unlock and allow developers to modify it on the fly locally, though I understand it would benefit very few people.

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Just union your stuff if you have so many parts…

I am unioning quite a bit of things, but I was told unioning everything will still lead to the same issue at the end after everything loads. Or does unioning reduce triangle count on most objects?

Technology isn’t intended to be modifiable. I do believe there are already a few requests regarding this in the Platform Feedback category and discussion on the announcement thread, so you can search for those if you’re interested or write a feature request.

Rendering can get pretty expensive depending on what kinds of shapes exist in your world. Light and shadows and all that need to bend around arbitrary spaces and the more of those you have for the scene, the more the engine has to do.

You can help diminish the expense by a great amount if you turn off CastShadow on small parts or things that realistically don’t need to cast a shadow or can be handled by a larger shadow. For example, small buttons on a generator can rely on the actual container’s shadow.

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Unions can get corrupted. When they get corrupted, they become invisible forever even though their transparency is 0.

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Terrible advice, although it can somewhat help in certain cases with performance, in the long run, it will absolutely ruin performance at the same time with collisions, rendering, etc and will also be costly on data (has to load in) AND will depending on the union, take more time to actually get in.

Also, as @DragRacer31, high chance of it corrupting if you’re not careful.

Using parts is a better idea overall or even meshes for that matter. If you’re having lag with parts, make sure its not any scripts you’re adding into your game. Next, just avoid clumping it all into one spot or using unnecessary amount of parts in certain areas.

Large clumps of anything will lead to lag :man_shrugging: