The mysterious sphere (HIRING)

About Us

hello there! i am currently making a game called “the mysterious sphere” and im pretty new to building so i dont think im gonna do the wholele thing myself so i thought of hiring people.
The Team
@mohamed5657 - builder
@username - builder
@username - Scripter/ dialogue maker (because its basically a mix of a story game and horror game)
@username- scripter
@username - GFX maker
@username - desinger (npc desinger)
@ abcdogman123 - modeler
@username - decals maker
@username - programmer

About The Job

i do not care if you are experienced or not (because i aint experienced myself) i just need a bit of help and that is it. and also make sure to have fun building.


i am broke so if the game becomes popular then im gonna share the games earnings (and also if i figure out how to get my money out of paypal )

Contact Us

you can contact me on discord: wxxl4656

Thanks for reading! :wink:

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