The Official Roblox Toolbox Cave, final update and some more about me

This game originally started because I saw a game that had tunnels filled with random models, I liked this idea , so I decided to make one inspired by it. The objective of the game is to basically traverse around the dozens of free models cramped inside the tunnel to eventually reach the nuke stage which was prepared around a year ago, and has been finished today.

When I was new to game development I made a few games, most of which were FILLED with free models, it was my developing style back then lol, I always had so many original ideas but I never really knew how to script them (I still don’t sometimes), which is why I used these free models, eventually all the hidden virusses started surfacing which completely destroyed these games, a great example is my game shrekity .This was at first a major dip in motivation.

Then around springtime 2020, I joined D.A.R.C Corporation, a military rp group, I showed of some of my building skills (Despite me having used a ton of free models I was always fairly good at building stuff). Over the course of the year of me making games for this group, I basically learned how to script and problem solve, based on the stuff the members wanted in the group games. This devforum especially helped me a ton and is still helping me to this day.

Anyways, that brings me to the point of scripting skills im at today, all of the games I’m actively working on, barely have any free models,…And The Official Roblox Toolbox Cave is the last game that I updated, that has my old developing style,…The nuke stage has an entire row of friends I have made/lost on roblox, a symbol for time, a symbol for friendship, a symbol for evolving and a symbol for nostalgia… I don’t know how many people will see or play this game, but just know,… Whoever or wherever you are,…I believe in you <3