The ongoing post-approval problem with new topic notifications

I’ve noticed as a New Member that I’m able to post in Member-specific categories (ie #platform-feedback)—at least I thought, but the system composes a message to Community Post Approval.

But the problem with this is that every category and subcategory that can be read by New Members, but can only be posted by Members, will notify you for each post if you have that category set to Watching First Post; according to my hypothesis.

To demonstrate, I’ve set each subcategory from #resources to Watching First Post so I can get notified on new content posted by the community. However, I continuously receive notifications from topics in #bulletin-board. After examining, I’ve found that every notification I’ve received for almost a month from #bulletin-board had at least one edit.

My guess suggests that once choosing a posting-specifc-to-Members category, the system sends the targeted topic to the targeted category. Immediately after, it checks the Trust Level of the post composer and then edits the post category. This would lead me to click on the notification leading to a #bulletin-board post.

Visuals of the problem

Evidence that system edits

Reads like a resource

Evidence of being a resource

This is inconvenient and urges me to configure my settings. If this was resolved, my problems would be solved.


This a current limitation of the forum plugin used for post approval. The method for setting up post relies on the thread being created in the category and System being notified to move it, not overriding the button to automatically post in bulletin board. I don’t work on the plugin, but my guess is changing this is impossible. Although, I could be wrong since I don’t know how much control it has on the UI.

Also changed the title so it is more clear.

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I’ve filed a bug report for it here and will see if this is something I can fix:


This is now resolved. You will no longer get notifications when people first post a topic that is redirected to post approval. You’ll only get the notification once their topic is approved for that category by us. Thanks!