The player can move the car

Hi everyone! I’m trying to figure out how to prevent the player from moving the car. I tried anchor driveseat, but this did not help, the player was on the roof. Help me please. I use the system A-Chassis

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Try to make the density of the parts higher. this will increase the vehicle’s mass (weight) and will make the car harder to move.


How can I increase it? Added a new large part?

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In part’s properties, there is a property called “Density”.

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What line script when? Or is it in driveseat

In the parts you had used to make the car. DriveSeat, Wheels, Body

Increase mass in CustomPhysicalProperties? Use WeldConstraint? Use Weld?

CustomPhysicalProperties, press on the check mark and therefore on triangle.



Man I’m not gonna write you full code. I can give you only parts of code or some hints,

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