The Prism Patch Notes 2/17/2020

February Map Building Competition Updates
Those that participated in this month’s building competition have had their maps added to the Prism!

  • First Place: Sec_lar
    Maps submitted: 8 Obbies (each ranging in difficulty) and 1 Holo Baseplate Map (for multiple game modes)

  • Second Place: Kirstey
    Map submitted: Hospital (HIDE and DECEPTION game modes)

  • Third Place: 1v_4
    Map submitted: 1 Obby

All map builders have a statue of themselves loaded in with their maps, are given credit in the map selection screen, and also have their avatars on display in the lobby!

General Updates

  • Valentines Lobby Update Reverted
  • Added Arsenal-5 Guns
  • Changed lighting from Voxel to Compatibility
  • Added a GUI button that enables/disables materials, and enables/disables lighting effects

Game Mode Updates/Fixes

  • SPLEEF: Game no longer ends/breaks abruptly when a player leaves the game mid-round
  • SWAP: Players now respawn each time the teams are shuffled, and teams now shuffle every 70 seconds (up from every 45 seconds)
  • OBBY: The old Roblox badge-awarder sound now plays in conjunction with an announcement message for each player

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs with the Division Icon UI related to issues caused after resetting your character
  • Name no longer floats around in the lobby after using/exiting the uniform purchase GUI
  • Trainer UI now properly resets whenever a round ends automatically (eg. after reaching max points/last team standing, etc)


  • Guns randomly breaking (current solution is to respawn whoever encounters this issue)

As always, make sure to post in the bugs channel if you encounter any issues, and if you have any ideas or feedback for the prism please let us know in the suggestions channel or by DMing me.