The Pyramids [ 6 new Stages ]


6 NEW Stages

Please give me some suggestions for new updates or some feedback.

I hope you enjoy playing my game.


Before I play, as I saw the art that was made in the game page, I like the details you put in!


I saw your game I really like the intro and I enjoy the game. I can find a few bugs where people can avoid that stage by going on the walls. Over all I enjoyed your game a lot and good luck.


Usually, I hate obbies, but this one is an exception. It’s very well made and it’s fun to play, I think this game could get 100-150 concurrent players.

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Really liked the intro, try to load all assets before it begins as a portion of it played before all assets were loaded. Other than that, WOW this is an amazing game!

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Thank you very much!! :smiley:

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Beautiful intro great unique stages but bro , I found a cheese , I’d suggest to turn canCollide to false for these blue lines .

you can literally skip 2 entire stages ,
I’d also suggest to make the lava more orange like cause it’s too bright in my opinion , in rest , it’s great ! :smiley:


Thank you very much for your feedback (I fixed it )

Completed your game. I’ve got to say that this obby’s quality is far superior to the general quality of other obbies. Good job!

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I can’t get through this stage though… it keeps spawning too fast and the balls are too slow
Had to buy a skip stage for this…

3 players joined the game and the game is bugging out.

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Sorry, I will fix this (Thank you very much )

Incredible job, it’s the best obby I’ve ever seen in Roblox. Totally unique, stages are great.
The only issue would be the grammar, which could be improved on a touch.

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