The Robloxian Army (TRA) - Rules and Regulations


This guide is for the Roblox group named The Robloxian Army TRA

If you find any issues with this guide or need any help, feel free to contact a High Rank ( Colonel+ ) in TRA or message me on these forums.

1. Table of Contents

      1. Table of Contents

      2. Rules

2. Rules

Anyone found being hostile towards TRA by disregarding the rules are liable to, yet not limited to, having their honor deducted, permissions removed, be warned, kicked, banned, exiled or blacklisted, depending on the situation. This applies to any and all ranks in TRA.

Punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis by a certified High Command member in relation to the severity of the offense.

By being a part of our clan, you automatically accept these rules and it is possible that they can be changed without notice.

  • Be polite with each other - Excessive swearing, harassment, excessive microphone noise, and spam is neither appreciated or allowed.

  • Be a good person - We do not tolerate actions such as verbal abuse (including transphobic, homophobic, and any racist comments), blackmail, threats, inappropriate links or other malicious acts against other members.

  • Respect other’s privacy - Threatening another’s privacy by actions such as leaking a photo, address, or demanding this information is not acceptable whatsoever.

  • Respect our community - Slandering TRA and its members or advertising other groups and servers that are not affiliated with TRA is not allowed.

  • Respect our hierarchy - All our officers and high ranks work hard to give all of us an enjoyable experience within TRA. Any abuse towards them will not be tolerated.

  • Be considerate of others - We aim to be kind to our younger members. We do not allow crude content in avatars and posts.

  • Don’t record without permission - Recording conversations within any TRA affiliated voice chat is prohibited.

  • Do not exploit at any games whatsoever - TRA has a strict zero-tolerance in regards to cheating, if you are found to be cheating at any clan-related game we will remove you and ban you from our places.

  • Uniforms - When representing TRA, be it at our places or others, you should be wearing full uniform.