The San Dalira Post Beta Testing (10-10-2023)

Working on a fictional countie in the state of Texas, officially launched our first newspaper today!

Announcing our Beta program and how to enter, if you’re interested message me on discord: a.a2


Looks really nice. How did you get that art style?

This looks amazing. The pictures, the way that the text isn’t just black on white, but instead on a sort of faded vintage tone—spot-on.

The fonts are close, but don’t feel quite right yet. Not sure if you’re using Canva, if that’s the case you may need to import fonts since they don’t have many convincing classic/vintage fonts. Sadly I know this from experience. If you could find a Blackletter aka Gothic font for the title, that would make it look more convincing. If you are using Canva use the text effect of outline with the same color as the text to adjust boldness. Otherwise, if it’s a different software, the same principle generally applies. Fonts help greatly with realism and credibility.

Also, look at the New York Times and other U.S. papers for the fonts for the body. Again—it’s close, but if you take a second look at the papers you’ll see what I mean. Just a bit of perfectionism.