The Shard Online Development Log - V18.11.02

V18.11.02 “Fall 2018 Event”

Developer Overview:
The Shard Online Fall 2018 Event introduces new items and bosses located with Peridot Fields. The bosses have 200k hp, all of them have a chance to drop the new armor and cape, and each one drops a single weapon or shield, so you’ll have to fight them all to get everything. The new weapons have a special blood aura effect on them, making them very unique from the other items in the game.
Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll be working on making QoL changes to the game, including replacing the audio that was removed recently.
The bosses also have particle effects enabled when you aggro them to give them more life. We’re simply testing this out now, and will hopefully be able to expand upon this feature.
Also, stay tuned for more information on the next map release.

Shard Online

  • Six new items
    –1H Sword - Violence - 700 dmg, lvl 10
    –Dagger - Treachery - 380 dmg, lvl 10
    –2H Sword - Greed - 620 dmg, lvl 10
    –Shield - Wrath - 70 defense, lvl 10
    –Armor - Gluttony - 2900 defense, lvl 10
    –Cape - Halloween Cape - 31 defense, lvl 1

Peridot Fields

  • Lighting changes
  • Halloween theme
  • Four new bosses

Cerulean Jungle

  • Lighting changes

-The Shard Online Development Team

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