The Shonen Universe Lore - One of the Best

Chapter 1 - Pilot
You begin in the land of the Slayer’s, aka the land of Demon Slayer. You grew up in Swordsman’s Village, knowing the story of a legendary swordsman known as “Tanjiro”. He supposedly was from that same village, and your family was slain by demons… You have devoted your life to become a Demon Slayer, but on a very weird day, something even weirder happens… A meteor lands in the village, with pieces being scattered across. Without a second thought, your goal is to collect them all.

Chapter 2 - The Wake
After you collect the pieces, you are sent into a coma for a year, and when you are back a quantum portal has formed on the outskirts of the village. You ask around, but no one seems to understand why it formed. They say that the shards you collected fell out of your jacket after you fell into a coma, and they formed the portal. You have a gut instinct to go through the portal, and what happens is, well, irregular to be subtle.

Chapter 3 - The Change
You have come into a different world… One that has something, menacing. This world doesn’t make sense. The realms features are not the same as the one you were previously in, however, all of your powers have still transferred over. It’s strange. You suddenly get an urge to go in a certain direction, and you find a portal… Except its miles in the air. These menacing people have things that they can summon to do their bidding and fight for them, and you talk to one of them named Dio. Dio tells you about what happened, and you find out its a complete mirror of what happened to your world. You ask yourself, Is this a mirror dimension? It can’t be… You decide to team up, and you get up to the portal and go through. What’s on the other side is pure hostility.

Chapter 4 - A New Purpose
You find yourself in this next world, and immediately try to find out about the new world you have launched yourself into. You speak with a villager and they tell you the tale of the Demon Fruits, and how they instill power to anyone lucky enough to devour one. All of them give different abilities, and your new purpose is to find one of these Fruit Users and challenge them to see what they are up against.

You find that corruption is following you out of the portal, and you realize that the portal has corrupted. The world you have come into is now flowing with corruption, everything it touches turns to dust. You search for days, walking through a desert, until you pass out. Days later you awake at a place named Marine Island, in which you ask them what happened and they inform you about your unfortunate dehydration state. You are then released, and you meet someone on your way out named Luffy. You very quickly find out this person is strong, and that they possess the powers of the Demon Fruit.

He speaks to you about the portals, and how he found one. This one’s description was different though. You go to inspect it, and it’s horrifying. Creatures of Darkness are flooding out of the portal, and the portal is no longer doorway sized, it’s at least 100 feet tall in width and length. There is a key, and a keyhole at the top. You use common sense to determine that this is how you lock the portal and end these events, and after you do, you are sent home.

Thanks for reading, and this seems like it won’t be that long but there are side quests you must do, items you must retrieve before advancing to the next world, and this will be updated as worlds are added. Lore doesn’t apply to the whole game, this is just a cool thing to have for an extra perspective on what’s going on.

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