The start to my game based on the 1940 Dunkirk Evacuation

So I am working on a game about the Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940 and I would like some feedback on the game.
It is still in very basic development
Some good feedback would be great for the game and if you could recommend stuff for me to add.

Here is the link:


So far so good for early development! I like the guns and their animation, also the dying animation is good too. The only thing I would work on is the scenery and the buildings. Good luck!

Ok thanks so much! You know how the map goes in one direction? I was thinking on making a park and adding more decorations

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Sounds good! I explored the whole map and I like it, especially the bay area the ships are pretty neat.

It’s good for early development. I like the gun animations and the bullet shells. I’m on mobile and the shooting wasn’t completely awful, unlike most games where I give up on killing anyone. Death animation was nice.
I think the map was pretty lacking though.
On the buildings the bottom of the window frames were clipping with the glass, make sure that the glass is slightly smaller than the outside edge of the window frame. Also the water waves go over the boat dock.
The boats also hv a screen I assume came with the model, but looks really out of place in a 1940s game, make sure you take that out as it could break the immersion.

Thanks. so much for the feed back.
With the boats I just gave up and found a model on the devforum but I will make it look authentic.

This is very good for an early development stage! I think that making the game third person will be better but it could just be a personal preference. Some things that you could add for development later would be:

  1. A secret bunker cause there were a ton of those back in the wartime period,
  2. A LOT more damage. Add soot on the buildings and fires all around to really show that war destruction
  3. You could add some NPC’s in soldier outfits helping other NPC’s dressed in ragged, torn clothes(the civilians).
    That’s all. Good luck with your game!

checked it out and i think its ok, maybe change the lighting, and im not saying that theres anything bad using free models but alot of things are just free models, i would recomend practising replacing each thing with something original, to build up skill and make the game look more consistant

Okay so I love the animation and guns, one problem I saw it feels like the camera view is slightly slanted (whether this is purpose or not)

Trees are free models try using your own tree model as it brings the reputation of the game down.

This fountain is off centre try using unions to make it look like there’s water in a fountain instead of on top

The game appears that it would be very hard to play at night.

The windows aren’t joint together + Z-fighting and don’t really match the building.

Another example of a free model it isn’t placed very well either there is only one total landmine!

Stay motivated keep trying new things using this feedback will make your game better good luck.

The animations for the gun reload are really good. I love that third person effect on the player.
I do suggest you create a spawn location with a bit of theme.

Thanks alot but I found that I am not that advanced at scripting guns and I heard they are challenging so I used the free model. But I built most of the map and the buildings my self

Thanks alot for the feedback, this is my first major game