The struggle of getting a game which requires multiple people to play, to retain a concurrent player count

Hello. Recently, I’ve started testing some advertisments using small quantities of robux on one of my upcoming games - a snowball fight game which while it does not prevent you from playing if there is only yourself on the server, is not ideal to play solo since the currency for the game can only be obtained by killing other players. What I have noticed is that players who join the game from the ads will briefly play the game, but then proceed to leave since there is no other players which they can play with.

In order to adress this issue, I have tried to implement a feature within the game where if the server has below 4 players, it will prompt the user to invite their friends to the game to play with them. However, it has been a mostly ineffective strategy. I have not really observed any sort of change.

One method I have thought of is that I could just simply spend more robux on advertisments. This way, people will join my game at a faster rate, and thus increases the chance that there are multiple people on a server. However, due to my limited funds, I am hesitant to risk such a high quanitity of robux in order to test this possibillity.

I don’t really know how to proceed from here, so I am here to ask you guys if you have any possible ideas on how to solve this. Thanks.

You should ask your friends to stay in game so that there will always be a game running at once. Once other players find out the actual game play they’ll then decide to stay or leave. The other option would be what you’ve mentioned which is to spend more on advertising.

Before any of this, make sure your game is unique, fun to play and top in quality. Compare your games to popular trending games right now and ask yourself if it’s able to compete.

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