The "Trolled" Anticheat | BETA

Version A4-BETA | Skipped A3-BETA


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The “Trolled” Anticheat is a script that kind of rewrites the character system roblox uses, while removing the ownership the player has over their character, this means that exploits will still be able to use things like aimbot or esp, but they wont be able to do anything related to their own characters. This anti-exploit is still in Alpha, so any feedback would be appreciated, and you might encounter some bugs, or it might just not have support for some features yet


All roblox features that i know of are supported
This anticheat cannot remove ESP or Aimbot

How To Setup

Get the model of the trolled anticheat, and insert the scripts inside “ServerScriptService” to well, ServerScriptService, and the scripts inside “StarterPlayerScripts” to StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts.

Coming Soon

  • Movement
    • Client-Sided Movement Delay Removal

This module will soon be converted into a ModuleScript aswell, and there will obviously be more settings

Inventory System

The inventory system is, not exactly like roblox’s inventory system, so let me explain what each thing does

The Search Button/Box

The magnifier icon is simply a button that will open up the search box, this will search for tools that are not in your hotbar

Match Switch

Whenever you press this button, the search box will use the :Match function instead of the :Find function, which might be slightly useful if you have many tools

The inventory system currently doesnt have draggable inventory slots


Fixed slots that arent inside the hotbar looking different, Fixed not being able to swap tools

Thanks for using my anticheat, any feedback or suggestions is appreciated


This is incredibly wonky. A nice idea on paper but horribly executed.
Both left and right directions move left, input is SEVERELY delayed (even on ~50 ping it takes a good second or so to start moving/following inputs)

Not to mention you’re going to all this effort and yet it can be almost entirely bypassed with one line of code:
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name) - It’s a janky workaround but it allows flight, bubblechat, presumably everything else too.


This doesn’t work for R15.

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Yeah, that might just not be replicating or it might be that the network ownership is kept when the player is duplicated, that can be easily fixed

About the movement delay, that can be fixed with a client-sided clone
and about the movement bug, that was supposedly fixed

All of the glitches you mentioned were patched on A1-ALPHA, except for the movement delay

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This is currently fixed in the new A1-ALPHA

An alternative package that should essentially do the same thing as this anti-cheat has already been created by MrChickenRocket.

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Nice, i didnt know, i’ll add it to the post
Though chickynoid still uses player.Character, which means players might be able to remove parts from their character, and sometimes i just dont feel like it mimicks roblox characters that well

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This is false, uhh chickynoid only uses player.Character on client side, because characters are completely visual and do not affect gameplay, in fact they are purely created on everyone’s clients they do not even exist on the server so changes dont replicate

what you/other clients see:

what the server sees:

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Didnt know, thanks for telling me

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No problem, also I just wanted to say your resource is a pretty good idea but if you wanna do it you will need a custom physics engine.

The reason is what you are trying to achieve is very similar to server authoritative system, Im guessing you wanna run physics on the client and server to make it feel responsive while keeping it secure and owned by the server, the problem is latency can vary and you will often need to rewind the physics simulation to keep the client simulation synchronized to the server one, and roblox currently doesnt supports this.

Anyways I see potential on this resource, Hope it goes well.


is a simple reference to the character. You can have different characters in starter character and still have the same reference as you would with the default character.

are you sure about that?


Why should I use this over something like Chickynoid?

he’s referring to chickynoid


This seems like a worse version of Chickynoid but good luck going forward.

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It is not finished just yet

Character Limit


Thanks for telling me about this bug, ill fix it immediately

but, how did this exactly happen?