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The United Wizarding World Guide Pamphlet
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  • Rules
  • Jobs
  • Spells
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To quickly find something you’re looking for in this post do Command F and serch for what you’re looking for…

Note these rules are not in any particular order as of right now.

  • Roblox rules always apply!

  • No trolling or any malicious behavior. Ban from server with a record…

  • No exploiting. Perm ban and will be reported to Roblox…

  • No faking a rank. Ban from server or perm ban depending on the case…

  • No bullying even on a low scale. Ban from server unless issues keep happening…

  • No using Robux to make in game deals… Ban from server…


Note you may not receive the job but we can suggest another job if necessary. Also these jobs are listed under the order of power from highest to lowest…

  • Owner (Not Achievable)

  • Co-Owner (Not Achievable)

  • Group/Game Moderator (Almost impossible to Achievable)

  • Clan Leaders (Hard to Achieve)

  • Group Ranker (Hard to Achieve)

  • Headmaster/Headmistress (Hard to Achieve and only 1 spot)

  • Co Headmaster/Headmistress (Hard to Achieve and only 4 spots)

  • Teacher (Fairly Easy)

  • Substitute Teacher (Very Easy)

  • Witch/Wizard (Very Easy)

  • Student (Automatic)


  • Zappo (A small electric bolt shock)

  • Reflectofy (What ever spell the other player used on you unless you don’t have it unlocked.

  • Guardian (Summon your clans creature to protect you.)

  • Lumos (To use your wand as a light source.)

  • Frezeo (Freeze who ever you use this spell on for 5 seconds.

More spells coming soon so make sure to keep up to date!

Update list:

More Rules…
More Spells…
School map & sport arenas…
Dorms for each clan…
New logo…

Group link:

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Updated last November 9th 2018

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