The weapon does not move with the hands

Hello, this is my first post, so I apologize in advance for mistakes, Well, I have a question, what should I do to make the gun move with my hands?

Is the Gun anchored? Have you tried remaking the rig?

I’ve run into the same problem sometimes when making rigs similar to that sometimes they just broke on me(refuse to move certain limbs) in some cases they broke multiple times In a day I never pinpointed the problem though.

I was going to recommend using motor6ds but it seems you already are for the parts to be picked up by the animation editor like that.

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The weapon could be anchored, or you didn’t weld the weapon to the handle. It could be anchored aswell. Did it work on blender? And what’s your animation priority. Also in the blender rig import, theres boxes to choose which part’s don’t get animated. Did you select the Handle to not get animated?

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