The Western Frontier - Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines
Last Modified: 22nd Of November, 2021

Roblox Terms of Use

All users playing The Western Frontier are expected to follow Roblox’s terms of services.

The following are some examples of bad behavior we will moderate:

  • Excessive bypassing of the Roblox chat filter i.e. using profanity, targeted harassment, etc.
  • Usernames that are intended to harass another player and serve no other purpose
  • Overly toxic behavior that involves harassing another player for whatever reason
  • Using exploits or other client-side modifications that are not authorized by Roblox

Game Currency and Items

While playing The Western Frontier you earn virtual items & virtual currency, it’s prohibited to perform any of the following:

  • Third-Party trading in-game currency and/or items. For example Robux or real-life currency.
  • Use of software to gain unfair advantages in-game such as an auto-clicker in combat and/or mining.
  • We only issue rollbacks on accounts under certain specific terms at staff discretion.
  • Anything performed on your account in-game is your responsibility, however, we will issue rollbacks on specific terms.

To see specific stats on your account click settings.

If you lost any game currency or item in connection with a Robux purchase, such as a gamepass or developer product, please contact Roblox Customer Support


The Western Frontier supports the ability for players to create their factions to team up with friends. We however have specific terms for factions to follow. If any factions are found breaking any rules your faction could face suspension in-game blocking new users from joining your faction, members removed, logo reset, and settings locked. No refund will be given.

  • Faction Logos & Faction Names must be appropriate. Bypassed Images are not allowed.
  • Factions created to harass players are not allowed
  • Factions created around exploiting/creating unfair advantages in gameplay are not allowed.

If your faction has been suspended or wish to remove the faction open Faction Menu up & click disband.

General Info

Can I appeal my ban?

Go to RAMPAGE Interactive Judiciary.

Can you move my items and money to another account?


My faction was suspended can I appeal it?

All faction moderation actions are final and cannot be appealed.

Is my data reset if I'm banned for exploiting?

After your week ban ends, your money & inventory will be reset. However other data will not be reset.

The Western Frontier is currently in closed-alpha testing. We will let you know when its released!

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