TheAposol | Proofreader/ French Translator/ Tester/ Builder/ Modeler | For Hire!(50% OFF!)



I am an experienced tester, French translator(second-year student), proofreader, builder, and modeler. I have been on Roblox for quite a while, and this is my most recent work account. I can communicate with no difficulty, and I am on all day!


I started building in early 2016. I am thriving to build, and model more! I sometimes even do the projects for free, as long as I get credits, and a rank(the game has to have lots of funds for sponsors/ ads, or already famous for me to potentially charge nothing).

Why you should hire me

You should hire me to be your personal proofreader because everyone makes some mistakes, as a proofreader I will even go over with you the mistakes you made, give you the corrected version, and you will appear completely professional grammatically. So, while I fix your grammar mistakes, I will technically go through what you did wrong, like a teacher. I am a safety net for your grammatical professionalism. I am in my second year of French. Also, a tester needs the utmost trustworthiness, and determination to become a tester qualified for you, and I am fit for the job. As a tester, I can test your game, and give you multiple reports to your team to ensure customer satisfaction rates. I am also a qualified builder/ modeler that can take on ALL of your build/ modeling requests with the correct amount of payment.

Examples of my work:

Poem translated

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street starts,
And here the grass becomes soft and white,
And there the sun shines crimson,
And there the moon bird rests from its flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let’s leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and curves.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We will walk with a measured and slow walk,
And look where the white arrows go like chalk
At the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes, we will walk with a measured and slow walk,
And we will go where the white arrows like chalk go,
For children, they mark, and children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.
Il y a un endroit où le trottoir se termine
Et avant que la rue commence,
Et là l’herbe devient douce et blanche,
Et là le soleil brille cramoisi,
Et là l’oiseau de lune se repose de son vol
Pour refroidir dans le vent menthe poivrée.

Laissons cet endroit où la fumée souffle noir
Et la rue sombre serpente et se courbe.
Passé les fosses où poussent les fleurs d’asphalte
Nous marcherons avec une marche mesurée et lente,
Et regarde où vont les flèches blanches comme de la craie
À l’endroit où le trottoir se termine.

Oui, nous marcherons avec une marche mesurée et lente,
Et nous irons où les flèches blanches comme de la craie vont,
Pour les enfants, ils marquent, et les enfants, ils savent
L’endroit où le trottoir se termine.

A Corrected version of the Roblox Terms of Use

My builds

My Models

Sample models: Dish.blend (448.6 KB) Grass.blend (413.4 KB)


I am available from 5:30 PM- 9:30 PM on weekdays and 8:30 AM- 11:00 AM, and 3:00 PM- 7:00 PM on weekends(PST time).


Proofreading: For proofreading, I charge 12 Robux per mistake. I will scan through your text, paste, edit your text, and then correct you. The payment plan is eligible for negotiating.

English to French translation: I charge 7 Robux per word. The payment plan is NOT negotiable.

Testing position: I charge 125 Robux per full scaled report on your game’s issues. The payment plan is eligible for negotiating.

Builder: I charge 200- 60k depending on the size and quality of the build/ model. I can also take hourly payment; I work extra fast so this will be in my preference a good deal. (If you want to pay hourly) I charge 140 Robux hourly.

Your questions answered

1) What’s your attitude like?
I am always enthusiastic, professional, friendly, and I stick to my work with determination if I have any projects I have to do.
2) Which software do you know/use?
I know how to use Blender 3D Blender 2.79b, and Roblox Studios very well.
3) What’s your specialty in terms of development?
Mainly 3D modeling, though I can still build anything with no difficulty(with the correct amount of time)


You can either contact me through a DevForum DM, a Roblox PM, or on Discord (TheAposol#5823)
Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:



I can’t really trust you. Last time you made a French post, and you got called out for using . Google Translate. So, I can’t really say I would want to hire you, I’m sorry

The user @Gagou_Bloxxer said,

Awesome idea to create or found a group about the french ROBLOX Comunity. However, I’d rather not use google translate to write the title of my thread, in a language I don’t know as it is not constructive to do so. The french subforum may not be made for such threads; a comunity founder often speak (Even if you’re not a native), or is concerned by what the comunity is about and it doesn’t seem to be your case. Moreover, feel free to speak english, as most people here understand it partly, or completely.

Also, it looks like you’re using a logo that you didn’t make: There’s no real problem with this as this is the ROBLOX Logo but that version was modified by a friend of mine. It’s completely free-to-use, but I advise you to ask the original ‘users’ of that logo remake for use. It is more respectful to do so.


So, I wouldn’t recommend you.



I can see you wouldn’t recommend me. French is my second language, and I initially was thought English. I am still a little bad with French, so when I don’t know a word I rarely use Google Translate, and I’m sure lots just use Google translate, but say they’re a native speaker. Nevertheless, I do not abide against your point of view. Also, what mistake did I make on my post regarding @Gagou_Bloxxer? Thank you in advance.

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Oh, I’m sorry I if offended you. @Gagou_Bloxxercommenetd on your french roblox group.



I know that. Also, I am just asking if you know what I did wrong on the post? I was not offended completely, you were merely pointing something out to me in public, and I actually want that. I just wouldn’t say "So, I wouldn’t recommend you, I would recommend you be more descriptive with that at least, or not say that at all because that does slightly offend me.

So, I wouldn’t recommend you.

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No one claims to be a native speaker and then uses “google translate” to know a word. It’s their native language, they don’t need to translate it into anything?

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He said, that you used google translate for the tittle, he is basically calling you out, he is saying, he just wants you to speak English, he also called you out or copying the logo.

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I’ve seen from the title of his post it was directly translated from google translate (Used to those translations due to my old school projects lol). Didn’t want to offend anyone or anything, my aim was to clarify everything. Thanks for quoting me.

@TheAposol No worries dude, if you want to improve your french, the french community will have no problem of talking with you (Best way to learn a language is to speak it regularly). There’s a discord server for that, and we’ll just talk without even correcting you or anything and you’ll learn that language easily enough :slight_smile:

There are many french translators in ROBLOX today, as a native french speaker I couldn’t find a job for that language due to the fact that some other people already did that.

The mistakes in your post are mainly in the title, as the word are inverted with english-grammar logic. Nouns and adjectives are inverted in french, and google translate doesn’t always invert them when translating, and just translates word per word. This is how I spot you’re using a translator, not necessarily google translate.

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Oh, thanks for clarifying everything. Sorry you got pinged so much.



I noticed you said you should be hired for your “grammatical professionalism,” yet I see a vast amount of grammatical errors and misspellings in your comments and biography, not to mention the overuse of commas.

I’m not trying to degrade you in any way, but if you’re marketing yourself as a person who is “grammatically inclined,” then I think using language properly should be a given, especially considering this is the DevForum and not a private chat.

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Huge discount. This will only be open for 1 week. 50% off!

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With proof reading do you correct grammatical mistakes?



Pardon-me? I have no reason to do any of that, and if you do find me on the internet, please show everyone.

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Okay lol.
Have fun.
Goodluck in developing.
Feel free to message me for info.

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Yes. Indeed I do. As a proofreader I will even go over with you the mistakes you made, give you the corrected version, and you will appear completely professional grammatically.

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@TheAposol Is it an coincidence that the village’s buildings
Look similar to the village starter place?



I actually did use multiple of the same assets and I am not 100% done with completing the project. The project is basically to use that, and create similar assets to create the same feeling.

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If so, don’t put it as “My” buildings. People will think you are trying to make money off of free models and flag you. I didn’t because I’m nice. :smile:

jk I’m mean



140 robux an hour is literally 49 cents per hour in devex (going by the 100K exchange rate). You should charge more for your work, you seem to be underselling yourself.



Wait, what did he accuse you of?