TheEpicTwin | Roblox Roller Coasters - Custom CFrame Physics Conversions

Ever wanted to build a theme park game in Roblox like Roblox Point or Theme Park Tycoon 2? Well I am here to help! I am offering my services to convert any roller coasters you have to use my custom physics system.

Let me put this up front that I am more of a programmer than a designer. So if you need someone to design the layout of your coaster, I’m not the one to ask. However, I can refer you to some.

What is CFrame physics?

Instead of using Roblox’s default physics engine to run coasters, I have written my own specifically designed to simulate roller coaster physics with great accuracy.

(It is just called CFrame physics because the method used to move a train along a track is by manually positioning it (via script) with CFrames rather than having the physics engine handle it. The name just stuck.)

Why should your ride use CFrame physics?

While you can build a coaster just fine with Roblox physics, you would have to deal all of the quirks (which I will not go into detail with) in order to get a working ride. Even then, your ride could be subject to derailment and rollbacks which can sometimes be caused by players themselves jumping in and out of the train.

With my system, you get reliability. It will never derail and will never roll backwards (unless on purpose). You reduce the number of frustrations players have with your game which makes them happier and keeps them coming back. As a bonus, your coaster will never be affected by physics engine updates!

What can you do with CFrame physics?

You can do (almost) anything a normal coaster can have. My system is very flexible and can support the following:

  • Stations

  • Switch tracks

  • Backwards sections and shuttle coasters

  • Turntables

  • Elevator lifts and drop tracks

If your ride has scripted elements that need to be triggered at certain times (say to activate a disco yeti), my system supports those easily.

Why should you hire me?

I have already used my ride system on multiple roller coasters across multiple games and converted many roller coasters.

Here are links to places that have my roller coaster system running:



Some potato quality videos:

You can also find my work on twitter at:


There are a number of prerequisites for me to be able to work on your ride:

  1. You must have the original track bricks/layout. This will make converting go much smoother.

a.) For coasters designed using NWSpacek’s Coaster Plugin, this means the red and blue bricks used make the layout.

b.) If you have a coaster designed in No Limits 2, I can help export the ride into a format that can be easily imported into Roblox.

  1. You must have the train model finalized. This is because I need to convert it to work with my system.

  2. You must have the layout finalized.

I can work with you while the layout and/or train is still being built and polished, however this will be considered extra work.


Prices start at R$50,000 (UPDATE: Now R$20,000!) per ride, but depend on the size of the coaster, the number of unique elements (track switches, backwards sections, etc.), and any extra work you may require me to do.

If you are interested, please contact me with a list of what you would like (the layout and coaster type, unique/special elements, etc.) so that I can make an estimation.

If you would like to buy the system itself for use with an unlimited number of rides, also contact me so that we can negotiate a contract.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:

(If you would like to speak on Discord, please notify me via the above methods and I will send you my username)