Theme for my Upcoming Game

I am creating a 4X game for Roblox, that will be based on the game I’ve gotten hooked on recently. I have begun coding basic game mechanics, and am now finishing a rudimentary movement and turn system. However, my game is in need of a theme that will decide the appearance and names of units.

I have come up with two themes that might work out. The first one is exactly like Civilizations 6, where you play through history building an empire and going through all the different eras of history. Research technology, build new cities, and expand your borders.

The second idea has a bit more creativity, where you explore the world of Robloxia, and began expanding your group. Build games, and increase your player count. Research technologies, ideals, and harvest resources all around the world. Declare war on other groups, get an economy of Robux, and become the most influential group of all time.

Tell me which idea you think is better (preferably explaining why), or give me other ideas!

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