There are multiple groups while I made only one group

I just made a group, and I got this multiple groups. I clicked “Create Group”, and now I got these multiple groups while I only spent 100R$.(I haven’t been charged properly.)

What should I do in this situation?

It doesn’t seem possible for them to have multiple names when you only clicked it once. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally enter the form multiple times?

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Refresh the page maybe just a visual bug?

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I only had exactly 100R$, and now I have 0R$. I don’t think that I accidentally made multiple groups. If I did, I would be charged for like 400R$, but it didn’t.

I’ve already done that and it didn’t work

check your transactions :slight_smile: , ok? .

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OMG you’re right. It says that I GOT CHARGED FOR 400R$. But how’s that possible?? I mean I only had 100R$. Do I have like debt or something??? What Should I do??

It’s kinda weird how they all have different starter names Log, Logan, loggy. I guess congrats you discovered a bug if you have access to a bug report submit one. Downside you have 3 random groups you cant rename.

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lol happened to me, ignore it. free groups lol!