There is this weird bug where the Virtual Cursor is selecting two GUIs at the same time when pressing one GUI?

Hello everybody,

I need help fixing this weird bug in my game. In my game, I have two Button GUIs that are next to each other and for some reason, when I’m selecting on of the GUIs with my Virtual Cursor, it is not only selecting the GUI that I want it it but, it is also selecting the GUI that is next to it. There is a video that is going to be attached to this topic and once you look at the bottom right, you can see that whevever I’m selecting one of the GUI buttons, it is highlighting one of the other GUIs which is not supposed to happen. Can you please help me fix this bug if it’s even possible to fix this bug? Thank you.

Important Information: I may not know how to script but, I might be able to modify some code and I might be able to understand some code.

Here is the video that I said that I would be attaching to this post: