There should be an option to close the ban UI

Let’s give an example: A player is being harassed by an admin, then the admin bans him. The player is unable to report him because he can’t remember his name and the ban UI is covering the chat. There should be an option to hide the ban UI during the game, and in studio of course (as people said before).

edit: why i can’t put this into engine features category.

You can’t post this there because you’re a New Member. New members don’t have access to this category (review the forum rules for details about how your posts can be moved there). Regardless, this isn’t really the correct category for this topic.

I’m not sure what you mean by “ban UI”? As far as I know, there’s no such thing created by Roblox—you’re probably talking about a script, module, or plug-in that you’re using.

If you need ideas for your ban system or need help with your code, try the scripting support or the design support subcategories. Also, please write your topics clearly, as it is hard to tell what you are asking for.

I’m talking about the window that pops up when you are banned / lost connection which was updated recently (blur covers the screen)

For clarification to everyone, he’s talking about the kick screen:

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this is moreso a problem of the admin client than it is a problem with the ui. the issue could be resolved by adding a “kicked by ___” to the Kick parameter text yourself.

You can inform banned players and tell them to message you in the kick message. If they reach out to you and you think they are right, you can use their key to access their data store to unban them. (or whatever system you have)

Example message:

Also, I wouldn’t let troller admins work for me in the first place. If you can’t trust them, just make a system to log every action they make. The simplest way to do this would be a Discord webhook to a log channel.

I believe he means he wants to be able to report people when the kick screen is visible. But I may be misinterpreting his post.

As a solution to your problem @NsNidPL, users can be reported on the website

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No, I think the issue is that they can’t get the name because the blur and the GUIthat appears when you lose connection to a game covers the chat.

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Ah yeah, I see. My bad.

As a solution to your issue with my understanding your question, you can just include the admin’s name in the ban message from your admin screen, you could also include a way to report the admin to the game’s developer. E.g. If you believe this to be abuse, please contact 0e_l.

As I mentioned above, he must make a system to log every action an admin makes. That way, no one will have to remember anything.

Here is how I log:

(Those messages are auto generated. Only some parts of reports are made from the moderators.)

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Adding on, you can use Roblox Discord Webhook Proxy Server to bypass Discord having blocked Roblox’s Endpoint.

Discord Lead Engineers have stated that you are welcome to use a proxy so long as you don’t use the proxy to abuse the API.

That’s exactly what I mean. But what if you forget the username, or someone says something important, example: person A says that person C is fat and person B saw it, but couldn’t take a screenshot because the server shut down a few seconds later. Person A and C are friends and person B said that person A said person C is fat, but has no proof, and they think that he is lying.

EDIT: I mean a situation when I have no Studio access to a game, so there should be a built-in engine feature to uncover the screen or see the chat.

You can use a chat logging system, for example, all my servers keep a log of the last 1,000 messages sent; which is then logged to a datastore when the game shuts down.

All my games have a unique server identifier which is shown when servers are shutdown, players are banned, etc. so that way I can pull the logs from my administration panel.

If you would like a tutorial, I can provide one.

2. Example of server log
The server log includes a table of chat history, as well as other things like errors (via script context) and prints (via a custom system I have, not sure if you could also pull these from context) and administration logs; basically anything really.

3. How a Unique Server ID works
When a new server is being created, the server will reserve a random string and check it’s not already taken, then when the server shuts down, it stores a table log which it constantly updates while the server is running as part of it’s OnClose function.

4. How to access it
You could make an administration GUI to access these logs, which is what I do. My admin gui also has a few other things, like managing all-server broadcasts, remote/timed shutdowns, etc.

If there’s anything in my post that doesn’t make sense to you, I’m more than happy to explain.

He’s talking about every game that doesn’t have such a system, not how to create one.

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Exactly. I meant a built-in ROBLOX engine feature that would remove the ROBLOX kick screen to see the chat and other stuff.

It would still solve your problem, even if Roblox themselves don’t add it (which I’m not sure they would :/)

Then you need to make a proper feature request. You have posted this in #platform-feedback:documentation-requests when it needs to be in #platform-feedback:engine-features. You need to follow the proper rules to post in that category by making the request in the #bulletin-board category and ask a lead top contributor to move it.

For now I would recommend a @Community_Sage to close this thread.

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ok. the only problem is I can’t post there…

You need to post it in #bulletin-board and ask a lead top contributor to move it, as RedDuck765 said.