Things to do BEFORE posting a topic for help

Notice: I can see on how some people may flag this post as off-topic but when you get to thinking about it, the post makes sense.

Hiya everyone, the name of the post pretty much says it all about what I made this post for and most likely the things that will be in it. But, I’d like to quickly introduce myself, I’m Desirevoids (As you can see) and I am a Web Developer along with a DevForum New Member. So, let’s get into it, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of topics requesting for help and I’m sure that the community would absolutely love to help you out. However, it gets a bit annoying whenever the same topic is posted over and over again basically. So, I’d follow these steps below and the reasons for those steps will be listed at the end.

1: Check For Other Topics That’s May Solve Your Problem
So, most likely you Problem has already been solved with a public topic post that guides you to fixing this or a way to fix it directly. Either way, the answer is at your disposal just by clicking one button and typing in a few words/phrases. Reasoning for this is, some of the people who reply to the topic you have posted requesting help on have already made a topic solving it and they get a bit agitated.

2: Look On YouTube
With this one, it may not be the most famous or reliable but it still works. On YouTube many, many, MANY developers have posted ROBLOX videos on how to solve something or have streamed them making it. All you have to do is again, click one button and type in a few words/phrases and there your answer may be. From experience myself, this does not always work but hey, it’s 2019 and it’s YouTube.

3: Use Google
Google is the overall second best thing to use for this specific thing. Searching what you have a problem for, or you want the script/build handed right to you. The thing with google is it will bring up everything you can use, Reddit etc.

Why you should do this.
You should check these 3 things, or any other source before posting asking for help because,

1 - People can’t flag it if it’s been answered already.

2 - It doesn’t annoy people when you ask for help when it’s been solved.

3 - It’s using the given resources around you.

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