Third-person weapon systems | Programmer needed!

Hello, I’m one of the Developers for an active ro-nation and we’re in need of a brand new third-person weapon system. Should be easily customizable, using our current animations. You won’t need to create any animations or gun models, however, it should be simple to set up and to add more weapons in the future.

Payment for this project will be around R$45,000 - we are not able to offer USD at this time.
We are not offering any percentages either, you have a couple of months to complete this.

If you’re looking for an example of a weaponry system you can have a look at jailbreak.
Features (firing sounds, reload sounds, explosives, crouching, laying down, sniper rifles with scope, bipod)

If you have any questions or issues with the post, feel free to contact me so any issues can be resolved in a professional manner.

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Are you available to contact on Discord? I actually have you on Discord. DMed.

Yes. Sovereign#7496

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